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18 (Activities and Strategies)OBJECTIVE: To get my education/course/job What do I want to learn? (Learning Objective) HOW CAN I LEARN IT? (Activities and strategies) When will I learn it? (Calendar) Mathematics 1. To learn more about addition and subtraction, visit the learning session b. read the modules on “Addition and Subtraction” vs. ask for help from my IM and classmates who are good at math, February 14-18, 2010. 25 Why my pedagogical manager and I need to sign the learning contract Signing the learning contract: Remember your commitment to the learning process Remind your pedagogical manager of their responsibility to help you achieve your learning objectives 12 Individual discussion between the learner and the pedagogical managerProcess to document the learner`s individual learning objectives and formulate a Individual learning Agreements Individual discussion between the learner and the pedagogical manager A small group of learners and a MI 24 Can I modify my apprenticeship contract? Yes, you can edit it or create a new one. You can change it: if you think you`re done learning a topic or if you want to learn something else. During the learning process, you and your pedagogical manager will review/revise your apprenticeship contract at least every two weeks. 7 Short-term learning objectives “read a letter from my uncle” “write to my daughter in Saudi Arabia”, “read the bilbe or Koran” “know which foods are healthy for my children” 3 The flexible learning style used in this system helps learners achieve their individual learning goals. In this context, FLEXIBILITY means that young people and adult learners outside of school can decide what they will learn, when they will learn and how they will learn. Learning needs are considered as learning objectives on the individual learning contract [ILA] 22 Signature of the individual learning contractSTEP 4: Signature of the individual learning contract ILA Ä IT IS IMPORTANT THAT LEARNERS AND THE PEDAGOGICAL MANAGER/FACILITATOR SIGN THE ILA AFTER COMPLETION. THE DESIGN OF THIS AGREEMENT WILL REMIND THE TEACHER/FACILITATOR OF HIS COMMITMENT TO THE LEARNER AND HIS ROLE IN ACHIEVING THE STATED LEARNING OBJECTIVES. 20 b.

Actual completion of forms (attempt based on previous findings) c. Analysis of completed forms d. Effective filling of forms after analysis/verification __ 19 March 4-6, 2 March To learn how to manage stressa. Join Learning Session B. Read a module on “Understanding Stress” C. Listen or speak to a contact/stress management expert D. Talk to my IM February 2010 3. To correctly fill in forms a. Collection / collection of different types of forms – Bank forms (payment and payment slip) – Biodata / CURRICULUM VITAE – Marriage contract – Tax return form – Community tax certificate form – Application form for admission to college 4 to 6 March 5 THE ILA IS A KEY TOOL TO MEASURE THE LEARNING PROGRAM The general learning objectives and specific learning objectives of the learner; The things that the learner plans to achieve their learning objectives; and the time frame for learning or achieving them. 23 APPRENTICESHIP CONTRACT SIGNATURE OF THE INDIVIDUALÄ By asking the learner to sign the individual learning contract, the teaching manager/facilitator helps the learner to engage in his or her learning programme. Design of a training program JUSTIFICATION OF TRAINING Context or introduction of what training is – developments in the field/ discipline / field.

Twinning of adult students. You`re ready to get started!  You have completed RT`s orientation, training, interview and background check. Now it`s time to meet. 13 Individual apprenticeship contractConstruction of the individual apprenticeship contract I Individual apprenticeship contract What do I want to learn? How can I learn it? When will I learn it? Accelerated. Transition What every student and parent needs to do to prepare for life in high school and beyond. 1 INDIVIDUAL APPRENTICESHIP CONTRACT REGIONAL DIRECTOR OF EDUCATIONDR. TERESITA D. GUEVARRA REGIONAL EDUCATION SUPERVISOR 8 INDIVIDUAL LEARNINGONE LEARNING AGREEMENT [ILA] I want to be able to read the Bible, participate more in church and help my six-year-old daughter be good at school. 17 LEARNING OBJECTIVES 10.-11.

June 2009 CALENDAR Learning Activities and CALENDAR LEARNING ACTIVITIES AND LEARNING STRATEGIES OBJECTIVES Improve my ability to organize my work effectively: Find books and articles in the library on how to organize my work and manage and read time. Ask three leaders how they organize their work, then observe them for one day at a time and write down the techniques they use. Choose the best techniques of each, plan a working day and let me watch for a day by a colleague who gives me his opinion from June 10 to 11, 2009 21st century learning environments at All Saints` Day. Beginning of the stages of personalized learning at level 1/2. 15 Introduction to Computer Science:STEP: PRESENTATION OF THE LIST OF MODULES / REAL MODULES Introduction to Computer Science: 27 Dr. TERESITA D. GUEVARRA Regional Supervisor of EducationThank you! God bless you! Dr..