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Types of legal contracts that include terms and conditions include: Among the 260 mass-market software licensing agreements in 2010,[5] Instead of leaving your contracts to the best guesses, read the following information to learn more about the terms and conditions. You may also be bombarded with questions from users asking

In addition, not all knowledge is protected in a confidentiality agreement. If the information is disclosed under a court-ordered subpoena, the aggrieved party may have no recourse. However, this began to change in the 1990s, when Mullin says that NDAs have become more common in employment contracts and settlement contracts

Launched in 2002, the Database on International Environmental Agreements (BIDEA) lists the texts, compositions and design features of more than 3,000 multilateral and bilateral environmental agreements. Using IAI data, we provide a comprehensive overview of developments in international environmental law, including changes in the number, issues and governmental adherence to