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Deciding whether or not a prenuptial agreement is right for you and your future spouse is a decision you need to make together. Each couple`s financial situation is unique, and you should both talk openly about your current situation and how it may change after you get married. Marriage contracts have a lot to offer, but they are not necessarily suitable for all couples. For some, the divorce and property laws of their state may be sufficient for their needs; and they may not consider a marriage contract to be particularly advantageous in their situation. Generational wealth and future inheritance are two reasons why someone wants a prenuptial agreement. “If a party to the marriage receives an inheritance, it will be their non-marital property, unless they do something to make it marital – like putting the money in a joint account or buying real estate with both names,” Roxas says. “The best way to avoid involuntary transmutation of inheritance is to always keep the inheritance in a separate account and only in the name of the person who inherited. That being said, a marriage contract can and often clarifies when a party`s inheritance remains their non-marital property. “If a party plans to be a stay-at-home parent, a prenuptial agreement can provide assurance that that spouse will be treated fairly in the event of divorce.” A parent who stays at home gives up work or career advancement to raise a child, which puts them at a disadvantage in the workplace if the marriage later fails,” Brenner says.

“Couples often choose to compensate for this if they can afford it by providing a sufficient stream of income and/or property to guarantee the housewife a comfortable lifestyle or income after the end of the child-rearing years, when the marriage ends in divorce.” The experienced family law experts at Kessler & Solomiany, LLC are here to answer all your questions about the details of your prenuptial agreement. Our knowledgeable prenuptial agreement lawyers can help you clarify any of these categories and help you decide what conditions will set your upcoming marriage on the path to success. Contact our legal team today at (404) 688-8810 for a completely confidential initial consultation. A prenup cannot include child support or custody issues. The court has the final say in the calculation of child support. The court determines child support based on a standard of “the best interests of the child”,with several factors at play. A court would never maintain a provision of a marriage contract dealing with alimony, custody or visitation, as these are matters of public order. The court retains the power to decide what is in the best interests of the child and does not deny a child the right to financial assistance or the opportunity to have a relationship with an appropriate parent. If you own a business before marriage, a prenuptial agreement may make sense, as a divorce can destroy a family business.

If you own a business with other people, your share of the business can also affect your divorce. A prenuptial agreement may allow the party to decide at its own discretion how to conduct its business now and in the future. “If one of the spouses started a business before the marriage, that spouse may want to prevent the other spouse from acquiring a stake in the business during the marriage,” Schneider explains. “Forensic accounting issues arise when a business gains value during marriage and a spouse wants a share of that increase in business. A prenup can quantify what that interest is, or it can allow the owning spouse to own the business directly, regardless of the contributions that were made during the marriage. “Couples who opt for a prenuptial agreement usually do so for one or more of the following reasons. If any of these circumstances apply to you or your future spouse, a prenup may be advised. Below, we`ve outlined seven important topics that you and your fiancé would like to include in your prenuptial agreement: The following list outlines the areas your attorney can address in a prenuptial agreement. The experienced Atlanta Penup attorneys at Kessler & Solomiany, LLC are ready to answer any questions you may have about these terms.

There are limits to what you can include in a prenuptial agreement. What can and cannot be included in a marriage contract varies from state to state. The decision whether or not to include certain provisions is finally made by a judge. The following categories are generally not approved: Each state has its own separate laws that govern what types of property constitute separate property and what types constitute matrimonial property (some states use “community property” laws, which often provide for 50/50 asset allocations). In the event of separation by death or divorce, the court separates all matrimonial property in accordance with the laws of the State. To prevent a court from deciding what happens to your property acquired during your marriage, you can use a prenuptial agreement. Each state prohibits you from including something illegal in your marriage contract. In fact, it can run all or part of the marriage contract at the risk of being set aside.

Judges examine prenuptial agreements in detail to look for something that tends to provide a financial incentive for divorce. If a provision can be interpreted as encouraging divorce, the court will strike it down. Previously, the courts considered any provision detailing how property would be divided to be encouraging for divorce because society has an interest in the divorce. That is why judges pay so much attention to it. Although no one wants to think about divorce before they even get married, prenuptial agreements (or prenuptial arrangements) are intended to set certain conditions in case the marriage ends. For example, a person with an established family business may try to protect this property from the other party in the event of a divorce. However, there are some restrictions on what can be included in a prenuptial agreement. “I advise the person addressing the issue to clarify that it is only discussed and created as a precautionary measure and that they firmly hope that the problem will never arise and that the marriage will last forever. It is important that both parties feel valued and heard, even if the emotions aroused are hurt,” Kimeldorf notes. « The person who initiates a prenup must negotiate with as much love as possible, with the well-being of the other at the center.

» When the conversation takes place, be prepared to listen and try to understand your partner`s point of view without interrupting them. “Ask clearly for what you want, but be open to new ideas and compromises,” Kimeldorf said. There are many reasons for a marriage contract. Below is a list of items commonly included in prenuptial agreements: There is a common misconception about prenuptial agreements, namely that they are a kind of legal weapon that can be used by wealthy couples in divorce proceedings. .